Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams are constructed from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester. This fabric is laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. These units can be REPAIRED EASILY in the field in both wet or dry conditions, are REUSABLE and provide for compact storage, transportation, and ease of handling.

To provide our customers with flexibility, we are able to customize the size tailored to specific needs.

The Aqua-Barrier advantage:

  • Easy to install (no special skills or training required)
  • ONE TUBE with built-in internal baffle system ensures dependable stability -no stabilizers required to prevent rolling.
  • Made of heavy gauge polyvinyl chloride (PVC) reinforced with polyester – minimal need for repairs.
  • Fabric laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride offers extreme durability
  • Infield repairable (wet or dry) using vinyl adhesive and patch material – prevents downtime or loss of productivity
  • Threaded fill ports 2” or 4” for ease of filling
  • Drain ports 8” wide for ease of emptying
  • Reusable up to 20X – very cost effective
  • Compact to store

Aqua-Barrier in action

Aqua-Barrier Informational Video


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The patented Aqua-Barrier water filled cofferdam was introduced in 2001 as an innovative way to control invasive flood waters. The Aqua-Barrier's unique characteristics, such as ease of installation and removal and re-usability, have revolutionized flood protection. Miles of Aqua-Barrier Flood Protection have been installed throughout the world and have protected both people and property.

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If you're in need of a dry worksite, having a way to divert water is necessary. Unlike conventional cofferdam methods, the Aqua-Barrier can be installed 3-5x faster with little to no environmental impact and site restoration costs. Its unique internal baffle system ensures a stable product that is safe to use while outperforming traditional methods like sandbags. Discover the Aqua-Barrier® difference by exploring the specific applications you require.

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Bridges, Dams & Roadways

Whether you’re involved in a bridge replacement, dam wall installation, or repair process, a dry worksite is a necessity for any application. Compared to sheet piling or inferior cofferdams, the Aqua-Barrier inflatable water dam is a proven alternative that has been used on a number of dam and bridge repair projects.

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Canals & Culverts

Working in a concrete culvert structure puts the safety of your workers at risk, especially without a reliable way to control water flow. With the Aqua-Barrier, crews can easily dewater worksites by inflating the barrier with water available nearby. In addition to providing quick installation and removal, our inflatable dam provides a dewatering solution that can be easily transported, providing a long term solution for all future applications involving concrete pipes or culverts.

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Performing repairs on concrete requires an environment free of moisture or water flow. With the Aqua-Barrier, you can ensure that excess water will be kept at bay for the duration of your repair project. Designed to handle a variety of water depths, our dewatering technique will enable you to repair drainage problems and reinforce concrete surfaces with ease.

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Building or repairing a boat launch requires a reliable way to control the surrounding water. With the Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam, you can create a dry worksite for your next boat ramp project.

The durable material and easy handling provide crews the ability to install the barrier in a variety of terrains, including those that contain large boulders or rocky surfaces.Take advantage of our premier barrier, designed to be installed in less than a day, giving contractors more time to focus on the installation work.

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When determining the water flow near a body water, many construction sites use a pipe to effectively divert water to a different area. By utilizing the sealing capabilities of an Aqua-Barrier, you can maintain adequate water control in conjunction with a diversion pipe. Instead of using a pump, you can secure a dry site quickly and cost-effectively with a dewatering solution that is quick to install.

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Need a dry worksite for your next intake or outfall construction project? No matter what type of intake application, you can ensure that nearby water flow will be kept under control with the Aqua-Barrier cofferdam. By combining environmentally-friendly materials with special engineering, you can rely on continued sustainability for the life of your project.

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Do you have a pipeline construction project that requires a dry work area? With the Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdam, you can properly dewater your worksite in less than a day. By using durable materials that can be installed easily, our water barrier is designed to be the perfect addition to your pipeline construction projects. Protect yourself, your crew, and the success of your pipeline construction or pipeline repair with the Aqua-Barrier!

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Do you have a pool project and want to conserve water during the hot summer months? Does your pool surface need repair? With the Aqua-Barrier water bladder, you can efficiently empty the entire pool or divert water to one side without hassle. Our pool water storage solution is a great alternative to draining all of the water, saving you both time and money for swimming pool repairs.

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Without a reliable sediment control plan, storm water can spread a number of hazardous emissions and materials from worksites to nearby waterways. In addition to controlling the soil conditions of construction worksites, it’s important to have a way to protect sensitive aquatic wildlife and potential drinking water. With the Aqua-Barrier flood barrier, you can ensure that your property is protected against these disastrous effects of storm-water runoff.

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Installing underground power lines or repairing buried lines requires a dry work area. With the Aqua-Barrier temporary dam, you can effectively remove water from a particular area without having to use special equipment or costly methods. Take advantage of the easy storage capabilities and user-friendly installation to ensure your utility job gets done safely and efficiently.

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When a crew is working to prevent shoreline erosion or to protect fish and wildlife, it’s crucial to have a tool to safely control water levels. With the Aqua-Barrier, you can help maintain wave action along the natural shoreline with a durable flood barrier. By protecting your crews from high tide, you can ensure that your restoration project will be completed on time and without hassle.

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Do you have a dredging project that requires construction dewatering? When the removal of sediments or debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, or harbors is considered, it’s important to have a way to keep water levels at bay. With the Aqua-Barrier cofferdam, you can properly divert water away from specific areas so that dredging equipment can be used effectively.

The Aqua-Barrier Specs:

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